GetBucks, under competent entrepreneurial and visionary management, has identified the opportunity to  provide world class financial services to the under-banked and under serviced market in Sub Saharan Africa. Traditionally the barrier to efficiently and profitably service this market has been the high level of cost to income ratio. Providing small loans and services to this market through bricks and mortar structures require expensive infrastructure, (branches and employees).

To overcome this barrier, GetBucks has developed an innovative software system called FinCloud, which gives our market instant access to our services through a number of channels, such as internet, mobile phones and even telephones. This pioneering strategy resulted in GetBucks being recognised as the first technologically driven microfinancier, providing financial services to the under-banked market.

“Financial inclusion is a key determinant of sustainable and inclusive growth, which in turn is essential for building an equitable society.”

Union Bank of India Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee