financial inclusion through technology

GetBucks is a fintech company that embraces technology as a means to provide financial products and services to our customers. Fintech is an emerging sector within the financial markets aiming to change the world of modern banking through disruptive consumer technology.

Traditional banking and financial services are being left behind. The lives of consumers are technologically driven though a myriad of devices and seamless integration on a daily basis is the key to unleashing financial freedom. GetBucks is part of that change, through Innovation and successful execution.

GetBucks embodies a new era of financial services

It’s Google meets Facebook meets banking

A virtual bank providing financial products

Financial inclusion through technology

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GetBucks is a unique blend of one of the world’s oldest commodities – money – and the world’s latest technological innovation to enable a world class virtual financial services platform. GetBucks as a company positions itself in the market as a leading provider of virtual financial services made easy to use and access by the development and application of various innovative technologies. As a company, we strive to create a unique blend innovation by merging the finance industry.

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Traditional financial services have become cumbersome and slow with many overhead costs (bricks and mortar). The aim is to break the paradigm of clients having to visit a location to access services. We also don’t saturate the space with too many products. We aim to keep it simple, fast and deliver using technology.

All delivery channels are optimized via virtual models to maximise service delivery and flexibility.

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The ultimate goal is to deliver a basket of financial products that meet most of the financial needs of the under-banked. This includes services such as unsecured credit, basic insurance products, low cost banking and remittances.

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